48 Hours in Atlanta

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I met up in Atlanta for a weekend getaway.  The trip was very spontaneous, so without much time to plan, we relied on my blogger friends to tell us the best places to go - thank you to everyone for their suggestions!


We booked an apartment for the weekend via airbnb and our location couldn't have been more perfect.  We were situated in a high-rise apartment in Midtown with amazing views of the skyline and just steps away from Piedmont Park.  We also lucked out because conveniently Midtown is known for being a fun, hip area with lots of trendy restaurants.

Below I've rounded up some of the must-sees from our weekend adventure:


As soon as we entered the park, I felt like I had teleported to Central Park in NYC.  It was about 80 degrees (no humidity, thank god!), so the park was filled with people relaxing on benches, laying in the grass, playing frisbee, flying kites, and more. It reminded me of the same type of vibe that NYC has – an oasis in the concrete jungle.  The center of the park also has a big water basin, very similar to the Tidal Basin in Washington DC. You can walk along the edge of the basin, kick back on their swinging benches, or grab your fishing pole and see what you can catch!

 pictured:  Calvin Klein Tote Bag ,  NIKE Flex Experience Running Shoe , aerie play high-waisted legging

pictured: Calvin Klein Tote BagNIKE Flex Experience Running Shoe, aerie play high-waisted legging

We stumbled upon a small popsicle stand, so we spent a few hours enjoying yummy popsicles from The Pop Shop and people watching as we sat in the grass.



Later in the afternoon, we decided to head over to Ponce City Market for an afternoon snack.  As soon as our uber dropped us off at the market, I turned to Anthony and said, "This whole NYC similarity is getting real... this place looks just like the Chelsea Market!"  And sure enough, after a quick Google search we came to find out that this property – a former Sears Roebuck Department Store – was recently converted into a foodie's heaven by the same owners who transformed the old Nabisco factory in NYC into the Chelsea Market.  (If you haven't checked out my previous article of our NYC trip back in April where I mention our visit to the Chelsea Market click here.)


The market offers several retail stores like Williams-Sonoma and J.Crew, as well as a variety of gourmet food offerings.  We both wanted to try something different, so we stopped at Simply Seoul Kitchen for some Korean Bulgogi Buns. They were so yummy as you can see from the picture above. What I loved about this food hall is the various types of cuisines like Korean, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Mediterranean and more.  If only we didn’t have dinner reservations later that evening – we could’ve stayed all night trying the different types of food!  We also didn’t have enough time to visit the Skyline Park, which is located on the roof of the building.  It is essentially a boardwalk with arcade games that has skyline views.  This is definitely at the top of my list for when I come back!

 pictured: aerie hi-waisted jean,  zigi flat sandal

pictured: aerie hi-waisted jean, zigi flat sandal

*Fun Fact: This market is among the best food halls next to the Chelsea Market in NYC, Pike Place in Seattle, and the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Who knew?!


Just outside of the Ponce City Market is the former beltline rail-line, that much like NYC's High Line, was transformed into an urban walking trail with a hipster-vibe. You're bound to find bikers, parents pushing strollers, and couples strolling along the mural-lined trail.

 pictured: aerie hi-waisted jean,  zigi flat sandal

pictured: aerie hi-waisted jean, zigi flat sandal

From what some of the signs said it is still a work-in-progress due to it being a large undertaking, but you could hardly notice due to the number of people and art displays.  If you walk the trail first you're bound to end up at Ponce City Market since it's located right along the pathway, however we did it backwards - hitting the market first and walking along the trail afterwards. I'd say either one works! For us, it was great to take a leisurely walk and digest our afternoon snack.



The Krog Street Market had a similar vibe to that of Ponce City Market, but on a much smaller scale.  One advantage to Krog compared to Ponce was that you could freely drink out of a beer glass while you browsed the food varieties.


Despite the fact that all of the savory options looked amazing, we decided to grab some dessert from Jeni's Splendid Icecream!  I had heard of Jeni's when I was in Nashville last summer, but didn't have the chance to go.  I had no clue that they have several locations.  If you haven't been to Jeni's yet, I highly recommend trying it. At first I was a little hesitant because their ice cream flavors are a little odd to say the least, but they offer unlimited free samples before you order to encourage you to try something new! Anthony went for the Cinnamon Churro icecream and I got their Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream that has a blend of spices that come fair-trade from Uganda.


With just 48 hours in the city, there was only so much that we had time to do! But there is no doubt that I will be back.  This city has so much to offer even beyond these places we visited with so much history and culture.  And as always, I’m open to new recommendations, so if you’ve been to Atlanta, please comment below to tell me your favorite spots or if you have been to any of the above, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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