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A Pop of Color

A Pop of Color

“Spring is in the air!”

Now that winter is coming to a close, and all of our Christmas and winter decor is put away, my roommates and I noticed that our living room was lacking some pops of color and was feeling pretty empty.  So, we headed to Marshalls, HomeGoods and Target to snag some pieces to spruce things up and bring some vibrancy to our home!

Pop of Color

These are some of our favorite home decor trends:

Feelin’ fruity? We sure are. Pineapples have always been a staple in home decor as they have historically been associated with hospitality, plus they’re super cute!

Gallery Wall
The concept of a gallery wall is ideal for taking up unused, blank wall space. The wall space above our couch was quite barren – but now with our new gallery wall, we have a combination of vibrant prints and inspirational quotes (handwritten by my roomie) to add that touch of homey-ness with a pops of color.

Soy Candles

Having your apartment look nice is one thing, but having it smell nice is a whole nother thing – plus lighting candles in the evening creates a warm ambiance when we have guests or if we’re kicking back with a bottle of wine.

Faux Flower Arrangements
Faux flowers are an inexpensive way to add liveliness to a room. On our coffee table, we have artificial pink roses in a gold mason jar (hand-painted with gold spray paint) – which accent our table, plus we won’t have to worry about changing out the water or letting them go bad.

In the end, it doesn’t take much to spruce things up – just adding one or two new accents can leave your living space feeling transformed.  Good luck and happy revamping!

- Loving Lately -

The Look For Less

The Look For Less

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