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Rain Is A Good Thing

Rain Is A Good Thing

“Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed.”

The best way to beat the rainy day blues is by being productive.  Even at work, the rainy weather can leave you dragging, but here are some helpful suggestions to be productive instead of wasting the day.

First, grab a cup of coffee.


…Make a to-do list.  Gather together all of those things piling up in your mind about what you need to do from now until Memorial Day (yes, MDW is just 2 months away!) and start prioritizing. Help achieve those long-term goals by setting smaller goals that you can cross off the to-do list.

…Catch up on your finances.  Take a few minutes to pay your bills, update your budget, or transfer a little extra money this week from your spending fund to your savings – you’ll thank yourself the next sunny day!

…Update your LinkedIn.  Managing your LinkedIn profile is usually low priority, but it’s important to keep your page current and fresh. Use today to update your latest accomplishments at work, maybe a promotion or volunteer work, or possibly an article you posted about effective time management – whatever it is, get updating!

…Make appointments.  I know it feels like yesterday you went to that dreaded dentist appointment, but hey, it’s already been 6 months and if you haven’t scheduled your next appointment – it’s time to make that phone call. It’s easy to fall off cycle so call up your doctor, dentist, gyno, hair stylist, etc. and make that appointment.

…Organize your closet or the junk drawer.  Save going on a run for a sunny day, and instead, get organized.  Clean out your closet, maybe even set aside some clothes that you can donate, or tackle that kitchen junk drawer that barely closes because of everything that’s been accumulating this winter.  Either way, find a chore you’ve been putting off and get it done – (Better yet, if it was on #1, now you can check it off). Talk about productivity!

Rainy days are notorious for being wasted, lazy days – but if you use your time wisely, you’ll realize that rain is a good thing.

- Loving Lately -

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