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MDW Essentials

MDW Essentials

 "Mind on a permanent vacation, the ocean is my only medication."

t's hard to believe, but summer is quickly approaching which means MDW is right around the corner.  Whether you're headed to the Jersey shore or down to your friend's lake house (aka, me this weekend), there's a couple essentials that you don't want to go without!


Straw Tote Bag

First and foremost, a beach bag. You can't go to the beach without a cute, trendy, and practical bag.  I just love the straw tote bags this season.  They're big enough to hold all the essentials, but still lightweight which is convenient when you're walking down to the beach.  I have seen these everywhere - Primark, Francesca's, Target, etc.  Primark has them as cheap as $10, and Francesca's and Target range from $20-$50.


Yeti Cup

Nothing is more essential than keeping your drink ice cold while you sit on the beach - that's where the Yeti cup comes in.  The cup is fully insulated and it really works to keep the temperature of the drink nice and chilled.  I can guarantee it works because when I was down in Clearwater this past March, I whipped up a frozen margarita, brought it with me to the beach, and it kept icy and cold for a good 2 hours!  (Not to mention, the cup also works on hot drinks - so you can use it for the summer season and again once winter rolls around!)

One-Piece Bathing Suit

It is like a dream come true that one-pieces are back in style! Both Aerie and PacSun have some of the cutest bathing suits this season and in all different styles that are flattering for all sizes.  They're comfortable and affordable which make them the perfect option for your go-to swimsuit this year.  No shame in rocking the one-piece this year!

SPF Lip Balm

Everyone always remembers their sunblock, but oftentimes we forget to protect our lips, too.  There have been countless times that I've ended up with burnt lips and it is so uncomfortable.  Avoid this by using the Nivea's A Kiss of Protection lip balm with SPF 30 and don't forget to reapply every hour or so.

Spotify Playlist

"Chillin' on a beach with my sweet Georgia peach, not a care in the world, just gotta beat the heat" - I can hear the country playlist already with Frankie Ballard singin' his famous song, Sunshine & Whiskey.  Come to the beach prepared this year with a full playlist ready to relax with some easy, feel-good songs.  If you don't have time to make a playlist on your own, check out my playlist below.

And that's a wrap, with those few essentials, you'll be ready for some much needed and well-deserved R&R!

- Loving Lately -

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