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Squeeze The Day

Squeeze The Day

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

You've certainly heard this phrase before, but oftentimes changing something sour into sweet is easier said than done.  Here I will provide some tips to try to keep a positive outlook on life.


A Change of Plans Creates New Opportunity

It's so easy to see the negative when we experience a change in plans, but essentially that very change can be what pivots your life in a new direction and offers new opportunity.  If you have that mindset, you will feel empowered to perceive changes as new adventures and opportunities.  This type of scenario doesn't have to be a groundbreaking event, it can be applied to the simplest of situations - for example, your friend cancels on you for happy hour plans - instead of being pissed off - use this opportunity to call up some others friends that you haven't seen in awhile and ask themto meet for drinks.  Or take the cancelled plans as an opportunity to make time for yourself - hit the gym, make a healthy dinner, go to bed early, give yourself a pedicure - do something else that makes you feel great!  You'll thank yourself later for calling up that friend you haven't seen or taking the time to focus on some self-love.  See how one cancellation can be spun into a positive light?  Imagine if this is how you lived your life, always taking advantage of an opportunity to shift gears and change a negative into a positive.  

Appreciate The Little Things 

 "I hate my job," "I want a new car," "I wish I had a bigger house,” "I want more vacation days," are things we often hear amongst our friends, co-workers, and family members.  What if instead of complaining about what we wish we had, we focus on appreciating on what we already have.  For example, instead of wishing you had a new job, a new car, a bigger house - focus on how lucky you are to have a job, have a car to get from here to there, and have a roof over your head.  It's so easy to wish our lives away, instead of counting our blessings.  If you're feeling discontent with what you have, then start implementing steps to enhance what you already have to make them better.  If you're frustrated at work, maybe you're on a difficult project or maybe you feel that you're being underutilized - take this opportunity to collaborate with co-workers or to ask for more work, who knows maybe there is a side project you can help with that will make you feel like you're contributing more and providing more value-add.  If you're frustrated with your lack of time off from work, find ways to enhance your weekends - plan to wake up early and get more out of your day, make the time count, but don't spread yourself too thin.  Agreeing to partake in too many activities can sound exciting at first, but make sure you have time to actually enjoy your weekend without feeling like you're cramming too much into one weekend.  Balance is key.  It's easy to complain about everything we don't have and wish we had, but think of how much better life would be if you just appreciated what you do have.  It's the little things in life – let's not miss them.

Power of Positive... Speaking

The way we talk is a defining characteristic of who we are - it is the basis of all relationships with a significant other, family, friends, and co-workers.  A simple shift in how we speak can help to create a more positive mindset, not only for ourselves but can also help us to foster better relationships.  For example, when we find that many of our daily conversations revolve around gossip, complaints or problems in our lives, then we might be unknowingly engaging in negative conversation.  Think of it this way, for every minute we spend complaining or speaking negatively about someone else or ourselves, there is a minute of lost opportunity to talk about something positive - an upcoming event, a future goal, a recent achievement.  Dwelling on the negative takes the joy out of our lives.  I'm not saying that we should never complain or share our troubles with others, but strive to leave people on a positive note.  If you must complain about how you overslept or your mom is on your last nerve, be sure to end the conversation in a positive light.  Positivity comes from a forward-thinking attitude that allows us to put our troubles aside and focus on what will be better in the future.

I hope that with those tips, you can strive to put a little more positivity in your life.  Like I said it’s easier said than done, but don't let those bad vibes consume you - each day is a new day to be a better, more positive you!

- Loving Lately -

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