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Let’s Get Tech Savvy

Let’s Get Tech Savvy

I can still remember the day I got my first flip phone… and the day I got my first phone that had a keyboard. I remember thinking how cool it was to have a full keyboard instead of using T9 mode. I was able to text all my friends – well within reason, I had to be careful I didn’t exceed the monthly text limit or else I’d be grounded.  With my new “smart phone” I was able to get on the internet, but never really did since my parents would kill me since we didn’t have a “data” plan.  That was 2008.  Now, 10 years later, my iPhone 8 Plus can do what my “smart phone” did times a million.  It’s incredible how quickly technology has advanced – and just how quickly we’ve all adapted.

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I use my iPhone for 50-75% of my day.  It sounds absolutely insane, but think about it: As soon as I wake up, I grab my phone to turn off my morning alarm. I usually lay in bed for another 10 minutes while I reply to texts, scroll through social media & news sites, check my email, and pop on my favorite Spotify playlist to get me going.  Before I leave in the morning, I oftentimes do a quick google map to check the traffic – this determines whether or not I’ll take the highway or the back roads.  Once I get to work, I’ll periodically grab my phone to use my calculator, or if I’m taking a break, I’ll scroll through my social media, text friends, and if I want to remind myself of something – I’ll throw it on my Notes app.  By this point, it’s probably only noon and I’ve used my iPhone for majority of my day.

It’s no surprise that I use my iPhone so frequently – I’m sure you do the same.  What’s different is that we all customize our phones to have the apps that we like readily available – apps that entertain us, are useful, or make our lives easier.

Below I have compiled a few of my all time favorite apps and why I use them so often.

To edit photos: Snapseed

As a lifestyle blogger who posts on Instagram daily, I’m sure you can assume it’s pretty necessary to have an app to make editing my photos quick and easy. Snapseed has so many features to fine tune photos — my favorite and most often used is “Ambiance” which adds brightness while controlling tones and contrast.  You can also use the selective tool to brighten or add temperature to specific areas of the photo or the healing tool to get rid of a stain on a shirt or a distracting background.  Snapseed is a free app and will make photo editing super convenient and easy!

To sell clothes I no longer wear: Mercari

I am a huge fan of a bargain— you can often find me at a thrift store or at TJ Maxx on the hunt for a good deal.... and this app is all that, but right at your fingertips!  I have found some amazing steals of designer bags and accessories and have been quite successful selling some items that sit unworn in my closet. The app is user-friendly and easy to buy & sell. Download today and start shopping!  Get $10 off when you sign up with my code [JNVBPD]!

To find places to eat: Yelp

9 times out of 10 I’ve chosen a restaurant because Yelp gave it a 5-star rating. I love this app for finding great places to eat— I can always find customer reviews, photos of the food, & suggestions on what to order.  The app allows you to search your current location and even lets you select price $-$$$, cuisine, and other filters to help you find the best place to eat.  The next time you’re picking a restaurant to eat, check first to see how yelpers rate it.

Besides my clock, calculator, weather & social media apps— those are the top 3 apps I use on a daily basis.

What are your favorite apps?  Are you an iPhone lover or use a different phone? Comment below to share!

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