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Tried & True Trader Joe’s Finds

Tried & True Trader Joe’s Finds

Something I love about Trader Joe’s is that everytime I go I seem to find something new to try.  With that, there are a few items that I’ve discovered over the years that are tried and true (some through my own discovery and some through recommendations from friends!) Keep reading to find out what they are!

Tried & True Trader Joe's Finds // Blog Post by Babbles & Bliss

Candied Pecans

These lightly sweetened pecans are my go-to for throwing on salads or having as an afternoon snack at my desk at work.  They satisfy my sweet-tooth and are a good source of fiber.  My favorite salad combo is baby spinach, candied pecans, goat cheese & apples with balsamic.  So easy!  PS: if you're not big on pecans, they also have candied walnuts!

Unexpected Cheddar Cheese

Word on the street is that this is Trader Joe's best-selling cheese and I understand why.  This is not your average cheddar cheese - it is an unexpected combination of crumbly deliciousness!  Enjoy paired with a glass of wine, or throw it on a cheese board for some variety!  It also goes great with the TJ’s Pita Bite Crackers.

Soft Bite Mini Almond Biscotti

I recently was having one of those days when I go to the store hungry and buy everything in sight - for better or for worse, these mini biscottis made it into my cart!  Since then I have been a repeat buyer of these mini biscottis because not only are they made with real ingredients, they are also the perfect treat to have with morning coffee.  PS: I love the almond flavor, but they also come in chocolate!

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

The first time I bought this frozen spinach and artichoke dip, I thought no way will this be good. It comes in a vacuum-sealed bag and the directions say to microwave for 3 minutes. Well, I must say, I was totally wrong.  The dip tastes fresh and is a bowl of creamy deliciousness - I love it with TJ’s Sea Salt Pita Chips or veggies like carrots & celery.  Since you can keep it in the freezer, it's super easy for entertaining - just microwave and serve!

Scandinavian Swimmers

I swear these little candies are better than Swedish Fish! Of course, they're still loaded with tons of sugar, but they're my favorite sweet treat when I'm having a candy craving.  I especially love the flavors - mango peach, berry, orange & huckleberry - can you say yum?!

Chile Lime Chicken Burgers

I love having tacos for dinner, but sometimes I don't have time to cook up my usual ground turkey with taco seasoning or I just don't have ground turkey handy.  That's where these chicken burgers come in!  I keep them in the freezer and whenever I'm in the mood for tacos, I throw a burger on the pan - heat it up and crumble it into ground chicken. No need to season, just heat and serve. Tastes great with fresh romaine and TJ's Chunky Spicy Guacamole on a TJ’s Reduced Carb Whole Wheat Flour Tortilla.

Is your mouth watering?  Are you ready to run out the door to your near Trader Joe's?  I know I am!

Let me know in the comments section if you've tried any of these or if you have some favorites you'd like to share!

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Tried & True Trader Joe's Finds // Blog Post by Babbles & Bliss

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