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5 Things I Keep In My Purse At All Times

5 Things I Keep In My Purse At All Times

Why is your purse so big? What do you have in there? This is something I get questioned a lot because I carry a large tote bag almost everyday.  It is a little large and it is truly a wonder my arm hasn’t fallen off.  I just like  having things with me just in case. You never know when you might need something, so may as well just have it with you so you’re prepared. At least that’s the way I see it.  However, whenever I explain this to people, they’re like, “But whay could you possibly need?”  So for those that are curious, here are 5 things I keep in my purse at all times.


I always, always carry lotion with me.  About 5 years ago I starting using the Vaseline Aloe Fresh lotion for my dry skin and I’m hooked... so hooked I carry the whole bottle with me to use throughout the day. I used to get the worst dry, cracked hands if I didn’t moisturize especially in the winter, but after using this lotion and keeping it with me all the time, I don’t have this issue any more. If you ever need lotion – I’m your girl. 


iPhone Charger

I am sort of a freak about having my phone charged. I’m definitely one of those people who couldn’t live without my phone and I have a mini panic attack as soon as my phone gets to 20% battery life.  I legit have a designated iphone charger that I keep in my bag at all times, just so I can keep my phone charged.


 I almost always have a snack in my bag, usually a Kind bar, trail mix or almonds.  It’s funny because sometimes I will be carrying a Kind bar around for weeks and don’t actually eat it. But at least I know if I ever get in a pinch, I’m prepared with a snack.

Hand Sanitizer

My siblings are always criticizing me for my use of hand sanitizer because apparently there is such things as healthy germs.  I’m sure there are, but I hate feeling dirty, and since I take the train daily, I’m prone to touching public surfaces all the time, especially holding doors for people. I like using hand sanitizer, even just a dab to kill the bacteria and make me feel a little cleaner.  Plus the Bath and Body Works ones smell great! Also, despite my siblings criticism… guess who they always ask if they need to use some hand sanitizer? Yep, you know it.

Reusable Shopping Bag

I’ve always kept reusable bags in the trunk of my car for errands and grocery shopping, but recently since I commute to/from work on the train I keep one in my purse! I like to have a bag handy in case I stop at the grocery store on my way home.  I’d much rather use my reusable bag than lugging around plastic grocery bags.

Okay, so you might be thinking those 5 things are not alot, but those are just a few things taking up space in my bag... the list goes on, but I’ll save that for another time. 

Do you carry a small or large purse?  Do you carry a lot in your bag or just the basics?  Comment below to share! 

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