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Essential Oils I’ve Been Using

Essential Oils I’ve Been Using

Lately I’ve been so into essential oils.  I put them in my water, rub them on my skin and diffuse them throughout my house.  I have found they really work for natural remedies, oftentimes even better than drug store products! Here I’m going to explain my five favorite oils and what I use them for! 



Full disclosure: frankincense oil is not the greatest smelling oil. However I find that it is great for skin tightening! I usually mix it with lavender oil and apply the mixture to my face as a natural way to help anti-aging and eliminate crows feet. For those who don’t know, these are the lines that start to appear over time from the creasing of the skin at the corner of your eyes from smiling. I find that my crows feet are much less visible when I use the oil regularly!


In the winter months, I dab peppermint oil under my nose to help with congestion when I have a cold and want to get a better’s night’s sleep. The peppermint instantly clears your nose and is a natural decongestant! 


I use lavender oil in my diffuser when I’m trying to relax before bed or as I fall asleep.  I love the smell and find that as the oil diffuses into the air, I instantly feel the calming and soothing effects.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a life saving for breakouts. I use it to dry out blemishes on my face. As soon as I notice a pimple on my face, I dab a little tea tree oil on it and the break out typically comes to a head and heals much quicker! 

And last but not least, my favorite oil...

Grapefruit Oil

I use grapefruit oil in my diffuser as a mood enhancer and to keep my focused when I’m trying to get work done. The scent of grapefruit keeps me alert and lifts my mood.  I also use a couple drops of grapefruit in my water to boost my metabolism.  You can also use lemon oil for this, but personally I love the taste / smell of grapefruit so I use that instead or sometimes a mixture of both! If you do use oils in your water, be sure to use a glass or aluminum cup or bottle. It is said that the oils are unsafe to use in plastic because the oil can strip the bad properties of plastic and pull it into the water making you ingest the toxins at a higher rate than normally drinking from a plastic cup.

For now these are the oils I’ve been using, but I’m always testing out different ones to see what other natural remedies are possible!  If you have questions about oils or where to buy them, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Do you use essential oils?! Which one is your favorite? How do you use them?! Comment below to share!

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