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How I Made $200 Just Cleaning Out My Closet

How I Made $200 Just Cleaning Out My Closet

My Nana has always said whenever you buy something new, you should get rid of 10 things sitting in your closet. If I come home after a shopping spree, she’ll say, “Well, what are you getting rid of?!” I can’t say I live by this rule all the time haha I definitely am guilty of buying more than I get rid of, however I am pretty good about cleaning out from time to time.  My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t worn it yet this season, then I likely won’t… so it’s time to say goodbye!

I usually clean out and drop a big ‘ol bag (or multiple) off at Goodwill, but this time as I cleaned out and got ready for my big move (in just 1 week!!!) I decided to set aside some quality pieces that I was having a hard time parting with and list them on the Poshmark app to see if I could get some cash for them!  It does requires some time and patience to take pictures and upload your items, but I ended up making $200 in just 2 days!  And to think those items have just been collecting dust in my closet for the past year!


So here’s the scoop:  It’s super easy to become a seller on Poshmark. All you need to do is download the app and make an account.

To sign up, click this link and use “monicascloset93” as your referral code.

When you sign up, you can both buy and sell! But if you want to sell, you have to connect a bank account or paypal account so you can get your $$$. When you make a sale, they take partial commission— if the sale is less than $15, they will take a flat commission of $2.95, and if the sale is more than $15, they will take 20% of the sale price.  It seems like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it really is a quick and easy way to sell your items and you can make a decent amount of cash!  Keep in mind you have to price your items right to make it worth your while, but also keep it reasonable for the buyer.

Poshmark makes it really easy once you’ve made a sale. All you need to do is pack up your item, print out the shipping label, and drop it at your local post office. They’ll send you the $$$ as soon as the buyer receives the product and clicks accept, which doesn’t take more than ~5 days!

Oftentimes, the items that I end up selling are things I liked that didn’t end up fitting as well as I had hoped and I didn’t return it in time, or a gift that I didn’t end up wearing.  Whatever the case, you might luck out on re-selling your gently used items! I definitely think it’s worth a shot to see if you can make a little cash!

Of course, I am fully in support of donating clothes. Most of the time I will just drop off a trashbag filled to the brim of my unused items at Goodwill or a local charity, but if you have a few quality items that are collecting dust in your closet, you might find that listing them on Poshmark could give you a little extra cash in your pocket.

Have you ever sold your unused clothes for cash?!  Do you think you ever would?  You should give it a try!

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How I Made $200 Just Cleaning Out My Closet - Blog Post by Babbles & Bliss

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