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Bachelorette Weekend: Charlottesville Wineries

Bachelorette Weekend: Charlottesville Wineries

This is a long overdue blog post considering my sister’s bachelorette party was already nearly a year ago, but we are coming up on ~winery season~, so I thought it’d be good timing to share all about our winery weekend in Charlottesville, VA!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Charlottesville, or C’ville, it is home to the University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, along with 35 amazing wineries that mirror the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma in California! Seriously I’ve been to Sonoma and these Virginia wineries are very comparable.

When deciding where we should go for my sister’s bach party, it seemed like a no brainer to go to Charlottesville! (1) My sister loovess wine and (2) the location was drivable for all of our guests, but still felt like a destination bachelorette party!

Below I will share all of the details of our weekend!


There are a ton of hotels located in downtown Charlottesville that are driving distance to the wineries, but we decided to book an airbnb so we could have all the girls in one place! We had 14 of us total so we figured it would be more fun to stay in a house all together, plus we’d be able to decorate!!! And we all know you can’t have a bach party without cute decorations!


There are a couple of options for transportation to the wineries… you can definitely drive if you have a designated driver, but it’s really popular to do a bus tour! If you have a small group, there are plenty of tour bus options that take you from winery to winery. I did this the first time I went to Charlottesville and it made it super easy—all you have to do is sign up and show up, and they take care of the logistics of which wineries to go to and timing. Unfortunately, our group was too big to sign up for one of these tours, so we decided to do our own private tour! This actually worked out really well because it gave us flexibility to choose which wineries we wanted to go to. We rented a private bus through Norm’s Executive Transportation, and they were amazing to work with! We had 14 people and it was about $40/person to rent the bus for 5 hours, which was really not bad at all!


I must say, choosing what wineries we wanted to go to was tough!! There are so many options and some of the wineries are spread out quite a bit. We wanted to maximize our 5 hours, so it was important to pick wineries that were close distance to each other. I also found out that not every winery allows you to make reservations… a lot of them are first come, first serve! With a group of 14, we needed to go to places that took reservations. I would recommend calling ahead of time because sometimes the tasting room are closed for private events, weddings, etc.! Here is a full list of all the wineries in Charlottesville.

So now the good stuff, the official weekend itinerary—everywhere we went and everything we did!


Friday: Girls Night In

6 PM

The matron of honor and I, along with a couple of my sister’s friends arrived early to the airbnb to set up decorations and prep some appetizers. We knew with people driving from out of town, they’d be hungry when they arrived. We had all of the guests arrive before the bride-to-be, and popped champagne as soon as she walked in!


8 PM

After all of the guests got settled in and had time to catch up, we played Bachelorete Jeopardy and in true girls night fashion, put on face masks and gossiped all night long! We considered going out on the downtown mall, but decided a night in would be best so we could be ready for our big winery day.


Saturday: Winery Day

9 AM

We had breakfast, mimosas and champagne jello shots at the airbnb before the bus arrived! Hello 9 AM pregame! haha

Charlottesville Bachelorette Party

11 AM

Our private bus picked us up at our airbnb. We were free to bring whatever we wanted on the bus, so we got water bottles and snacks ahead of time so we’d be able to keep them on the bus with us! And of course, wine to drink in between wineries.

11:15 AM

We placed orders ahead of time for sandwiches at a little place called Greenwood Gourmet Grocery on the way to our first stop. We figured it’d be easier to bring our own sandwiches for lunch rather than worry about getting food at the wineries. Some wineries do serve food, so if you are going to pack sandwiches, make sure the winery is BYO.

11:30 AM

Winery #1: Cardinal Point Winery


12:45 PM

Winery #2: Valley Road Vineyards


2 PM

Winery #3: King Family Vineyards

This winery was BYO so this is where we had our sandwiches. This is also personally my favorite winery, so we made it our last stop and allotted extra time to spend here! Fun fact: in the Fall they have polo matches here!


4 PM

Private bus dropped us back home at the airbnb. After the bus tour we spent time at the house relaxing and then freshened up for dinner on the downtown mall. With 14 girls, it was necessary to make sure we had enough time for everyone to get ready!

8 PM

Dinner reservations at Hamilton’s at First and Main and bar hopping on the downtown mall!


It was a jam packed weekend, but was sooo much fun! Everything went according to plan and all of the wineries and bus driver were super accommodating. I can’t wait to plan another trip, and maybe next time try out some different wineries!

All decor items / party favors linked here:





Have you ever been to Charlottesville?! Which was your favorite winery? Comment below to share.

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Bachelorette Winery Weekend - Blog Post by Babbles & Bliss

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