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How I Made $200 Just Cleaning Out My Closet

My Nana has always said whenever you buy something new, you should get rid of 10 things sitting in your closet. If I come home after a shopping spree, she’ll say, “Well, what are you getting rid of?!” I can’t say I live by this rule all the time haha I definitely am guilty of buying more than I get rid of, however I am pretty good about cleaning out from time to time. My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t worn it yet this season, then I likely won’t… so it’s time to say goodbye!

Lessons Learned from Living On My Own

Exactly one year ago, I moved out of a 3-bedroom apartment that I lived in with my best girlfriends in Philadelphia to move to Charlotte for a 6-month job placement in one of my company’s regional offices.  In February, they transferred me to Denver for another 6-month placement.  I knew full well what I was getting myself into prior to my first move, but what I didn’t know was how much I would learn about myself in this year of traveling and living alone.

Let’s Get Tech Savvy

I can still remember the day I got my first flip phone… and the day I got my first phone that had a keyboard. I remember thinking how cool it was to have a full keyboard instead of using T9 mode. I was able to text all my friends – well within reason, I had to be careful I didn’t exceed the monthly text limit or else I’d be grounded.  With my new “smart phone” I was able to get on the internet, but never really did since my parents would kill me since we didn’t have a “data” plan.  That was 2008.  Now, 10 years later, my iPhone 8 Plus can do what my “smart phone” did times a million.  It’s incredible how quickly technology has advanced – and just how quickly we’ve all adapted.

Balance & Budgeting

I will be the first to admit I enjoy living the typical millennial lifestyle. I buy $4 coffees from Starbucks and treat myself to charcuterie boards, however I buy my groceries at Aldi and most of my clothes from the TJ Maxx sale rack or J. Crew Factory… this my friends, is called balance. I know it may seem like all I do is spend, spend, spend – but all of that spend is within my budget.