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Charleston Charm

I must say I’ve been wanting to visit Charleston for quite some time now. After I got back from studying abroad in Spain my junior year of college, I started frantically researching cities in the US that are considered most similar to European cities. I knew it’d be unrealistic to make weekend trips to Europe, so I wanted to see where I could go in the US to still experience a city filled with history and quaint cobblestone streets.  In my research – there were 3 cities described as having a European-feel (one not quite in the US, but close enough) – they were Montreal, Boston and Charleston!  I now can say that so far I have gotten to 2 out of the 3.  I visited Montreal the summer after I got home from studying abroad (it’s a must!!) and this weekend I finally made my trip to Charleston happen… and I will say, I’ll definitely be back because just one weekend wasn’t enough.  Here I will share with you where to stay, what to see & do, and what & where to eat in Charleston.