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Things To Do In Philly

Are you planning on hosting out-of-town guests in Philly this summer, but have no idea where to take them?  Or did you just move here and are wondering what should be on your Philly bucket list?  Whatever it might be, keep reading to find out what there is to do in the City of Brotherly Love.

Favorite BYOBs in Philly

If you’re from Philly, you might be aware of the fact that many restaurants in the city consider themselves BYOB— meaning they don’t serve alcohol, so they encourage that you bring your own bottle of wine or beer. At first, I thought the concept was a little weird, but quickly got onboard because it is such an affordable way to dine out! If you can save on the drinks, then more money to spend on the meal, right?! At least that’s what the restaurant is banking on. Here I’m going to share some of my favorite BYOBs in Philadelphia by cuisine.

50 States Bucket List

I’ve done a ton of traveling over the past few years. I love visiting different cities, and finding out what makes them similar and what makes them unique.  There’s something really exciting and thrilling about exploring a new city from trying out local cuisine, learning about city’s history or famous people who lived there, to hearing peoples’ accents and learning about the way they live.  I decided to set a goal to visit all 50 states by the time I’m 30. 

Wild West Road Trip

Just over a month ago, while I was still living in Denver for work, my sister and her fiance, Mike, flew out for a summer roadtrip adventure. We had 5 days to see as much as we could (and hit as many states as we could!), so we rented a car from Denver and got on the road.  Our first stop was Mount Rushmore. Keep reading to find out more…

Why I Love To Travel Alone

When I first proposed the idea of traveling alone to my Mom – she thought I was absolutely insane.  “Traveling alone?!” she said, “but what will you do by yourself?”

I feel as though many of you had similar reactions when watching my stories & posts last weekend when I told you that I was planning a road trip by myself to Santa Fe.

Keep reading to find out about how I’ve discovered a love for traveling alone.

Things You Must Do in Nashville ASAP

Anthony & I took a trip to Nashville this weekend. Since I’m living out in Colorado for work and he’s down in Misssissippi, we agreed that Tennessee is a great “meet-in-the-middle” location. (Lol I can’t say meet me in the middle these days without instantly breaking out in song, thank you Zedd & Maren Morris.) Anyways, this weekend was our third time in Nashville together and each time it’s better than the last.  My previous Nashville must-do list still holds true, (you can read it here) but I can’t resist sharing with you some more of my recommendations!

Denver Bucket List

I have been living in Denver for about a month now and although I am no Denver expert, I have gotten pretty acquainted to the city.  I'm not a skier or snowboarder, so I haven’t had the “typical” Denver experience of hitting up the slopes; instead, I’ve spent time trying out restaurants and exploring the different neighborhoods.  There are 5 things that you absolutely must do while visiting the Mile High City.  Keep reading to find out.

Charleston Charm

I must say I’ve been wanting to visit Charleston for quite some time now. After I got back from studying abroad in Spain my junior year of college, I started frantically researching cities in the US that are considered most similar to European cities. I knew it’d be unrealistic to make weekend trips to Europe, so I wanted to see where I could go in the US to still experience a city filled with history and quaint cobblestone streets.  In my research – there were 3 cities described as having a European-feel (one not quite in the US, but close enough) – they were Montreal, Boston and Charleston!  I now can say that so far I have gotten to 2 out of the 3.  I visited Montreal the summer after I got home from studying abroad (it’s a must!!) and this weekend I finally made my trip to Charleston happen… and I will say, I’ll definitely be back because just one weekend wasn’t enough.  Here I will share with you where to stay, what to see & do, and what & where to eat in Charleston.

48 Hours in Atlanta

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I met up in Atlanta for a weekend getaway.  The trip was very spontaneous, so without much time to plan, we relied on my blogger friends to tell us the best places to go - thank you to everyone for their suggestions! Keeping reading for more about our weekend adventure

Boozy Baltimore

Nothing is more charming than The Charm City... and nothing is better than happy hour!  Check out the booziest places in Baltimore - most with waterfront views of the harbor.  Cheers!

Flashback to Nashville

Shortly after our college graduation last year, my boyfriend and I took a road trip down to Nashville.  As a huge fan of country music and southern comfort food, this was like a dream come true.  Below I will share with you some of the highlights from our trip – we did so much in the 5 days we were there that it is hard to choose my favorites, but I’ll try my best.

New York Trip in a Nutshell

This past weekend, my family and I ventured up to NYC for a fun, touristy Easter weekend.  I clearly have been living under a rock for the past 23 years, because I had no idea that Brooklyn is only a 2-hour drive from Philly.   After our amazing weekend wandering around the city (my iPhone told me I took 40,000 steps!) – I can’t wait to plan my next trip!  I finally understand the craze of loving New York City!